Interested in Embodying Spirit?

If you’re like me, you’re interested in feeling more grounded WHILE expanding your capaciousness, I highly recommend my friend George Breed’s book, “The Inner Work of the Warrior: A Manual for Embodying Spirit”


Living in the land of Man, as well as the Cosmos can be fraught with twists and turns.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little book of big wisdom on your journey?

Here is a review I wrote on Amazon:

“grounding the cosmos in your footsteps”

By A. N. Schuller
on January 7, 2014
To quote from the endnotes of Embodying Spirit, “Only those whose experiments succeeded left records Warriorship is an exact and an exacting science. In essence, I trust the data.”

For myself, as a “social mystic” (pg. 17) this book is an encyclopedia, a dictionary, a reference of how to bring the cosmos into my daily life, into my body, and into my heart and mind. I not only trust the data presented in this book with my mind, but have found it’s truth in my own cells. Less a self help book, it is more a guide into the self, and then out of it again.

While beautifully easy to comprehend, don’t take this small paperback for granted. The tasks and practices described in this book have become indispensable to me on the path toward the transformation of consciousness.

He has a number of other great books.

Last night I was reminded that I have a crush on the human race!

I was lucky enough to hear Bernie Sanders live, last night. Introduced by Our Very Own, long-time Bernie supporter, Chair of the Coconino County Board of Supervisors, Art Babbott,  I was struck by how last night’s rally for Bernie was exactly the opposite of what I see happen at a Trump rally. Sure, seeing Bernie was great, but the REAL pay off for me was seeing the PEOPLE who support him,(unlike the dipshits that attend Trump rallies) knowing that we are not alone in our desire for a more equitable future. Bernie supporters are generally community minded folks, folks that understand we must lift EVERYONE up. As I was standing there looking at the hundreds that showed up, I realized I really came to see the People. Bernie is a hero, and I hope that as such, he inspires The People to continue being deeply involved in their future. One man can’t do all of the wonderful things he would like to do. That takes a whole country of committed folks. Lets do this.

For this new moon

 darknessIn blackness we begin

In blackness we return

Light moves in the inbetween
and waxes and wanes as it sees fit

light moves in the inbetween
shining from the Cauldron of life
whether we acknowledge it or not

When we sense the blackness, the light moving farther away
we can be quiet and listen
or moan and wail

IF, we are quiet and listen, what does the blackness speak to us?
Will we let the blackness permeate our lighted spectacle?

Animal nature

Animal nature – Where did it go?

It never left.

Our growling turned into domestic violence

Our drooling twisted into “food-ism”

Our sex turned into a process of power over

Our sex turned into something other than we intended

Where is that fierceness of a Momma bear when our children are slowly poisoned by the treats, toys, gadgets, cars, water, food, air and thoughts we are so eager to provide for them to have a “better” life than we did?

Animal nature doesn’t rush to get to the coffee drive through before the 2-for-1 sale is over

Animal nature is loving and protective of it’s children, for the most part – yes I’m aware of the caveats.

Without knowing our animal nature we run the risk of thinking the planet is some sort of machine that can be “used” indefinitely.

Without our animal nature we run the risk of not accessing some of our deepest knowing.

What does your intuition tell you when you take a walk among the trees?  At the seaside? In the Desert?

Who are you?


For your reading pleasure

I recently had the honor of having a piece published in the local weekly newspaper, Flag Live!

Here’s a link  – “To the mountain, again and again”

Here are a few images to accompany your reading pleasure.


4 o clocks Cosnino Exit dirt road to peaks distant peaks


No ashram

except the kitchen sink

No temple

Save the toilet that needs cleaning

No guru

other than whomever is standing before you

No doctrine

other than the thoughts

you choose.



Reflecting on the death of Charles Bowden

Ciudad Juarez is reality. American Ninja Warrior, while an entertaining show, and representative of many hours of working on ones core muscles, to compete well, is not reality. How do I know this? Because the TV show will fade into the past while the past, present and future of Juarez lives on and on, because poverty and violence stain the human mind and heart.


Ciudad Juarez just across the border from El Paso

I lived in Juarez when I was four years old. My mother had made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my lunch one day and I had the innocence to leave it, partially uneaten on the table, in full view of whomever might walk by the front window of our very modest home. Not one minute later a little girl, in a thin dress, with an old newspaper wrapped around her shoulders for warmth, came by and spied the crusts of bread. She knocked on the door and asked my mother for the crumbs. She gave them to her. A few minutes later the girl returned with her brothers and asked for food. My mother gave it. This continued for a number of days with the crowd growing like a cancer each time we opened the door. Very soon we learned to not open the door. The whole neighborhood must have gotten the word that the gringos living on the corner were rich and could give food away. We attracted a small entourage that followed us through town when we would walk to the local market. I know it broke my mother’s heart to shoo away all those kids like so many flies. To preserve our meager existence we had to turn our back on those less fortunate. Heartbreaking reality.

My experience of domestic violence in that house, and others, mirrors the violence that pervades that border town. Desperation, poverty, helplessness, all these things resided side to side with my knowledge that while we didn’t have much at all, we were the richest folks on the block. These experiences, and more, have shaped how I view reality. Hold tight to the small, real advantages – bread, running water – riches beyond comprehension. Affection from a loved on, unmarred by strings attached? Priceless. The audacity to continue living despite every sign pointing to a dead end.

Via Forbes Magazine:

“A longtime researcher of Ciudad Juarez, Bowden focused on the overlapping an intertwined effects of globalization, free trade, and drug cartel-related violence. Deeply critical of NAFTA and the 1990s era economic relationship between Mexico and the U.S., Bowden also offered clear headed analysis of an impossibly complicated city.

A few years ago when I went to Ciudad Juarez for the first time I brought a copy of Bowden’s 1998 photo book Juarez: the laboratory of our future.  Bowden was among the first researchers to delve into investigating the evolution of Ciudad Juarez at the outset of NAFTA. He introduced many readers to now common images of border fences, migrants crossing the Rio Grande on rafts and police investigators at homicide scenes. His prose is careful, analytical, thoughtful. He describes Juarez as “part of the Mexican gulag, the place for the people no one wants” but also writes “I’ve eaten in Juarez, drunk in Juarez, been happy in Juarez, and been sad in Juarez…I am not sightless. Juarez has a distinct quality. It is the city wherepeople may dream and f*** and drink and sing, but it is not the city where people hope.”