The four directions…

When I received my Master Reiki attunement, four beings came into the room…and stayed.  Jesus on my right, Buddha on my left.  Takata on my hind-right and Lucy on my hind-left.  I’m going to assume you know who Jesus and Buddha are.

Mrs. Hawayo Takata,  whom I call Takata, was a Reiki master in Hawaii. Takata speaks to my feminist side.  She was a mother, a healer, a leader.

Lucy, is/was a stillborn baby I read about years ago.  The story was from the June 2005 Good Housekeeping magazine.  Here’s a link to the original story.

I’m not sure now, nor was I sure during my attunement, why these beings came to be by my side and are still guiding me.  Here are some thoughts. Jesus and Buddha speak to the higher spiritual vibrations of my being.  They each have distinct messages for me, if I listen. Lucy speaks to the unfathomable in life.  The way the story of her stillbirth ripped my heart open when I read it, is how life is sometimes – completely unknowable, overwhelming and sometimes, in the end, very healing.

I like that there are four of them.  Two men, two women.  The men are out in front (Yang energy), while the women are more reserved (Yin energy). For years I have used these four entities to help guide me through tough times, to help balance and calm me and to remind me of my life’s higher purpose.


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