The thing about fathers is….

…they’re always in your blood. you can’t get rid of them. No reverse blood transfusion. In the case of nature vs. nurture, no matter how involved they were in your nurture, they are a part of your nature.  Some things are inborn.  While I know from recent science (Wayne Dyer,  Excuses Begone!) you can turn your DNA triggers on or off by your behavior and thoughts.  One is still faced then with the choice to allow or disallow a father’s influence.

Now, what if one doesn’t know anything about their father.  I’m one of those people. I’ve always wondered what part of me came from my father.  I’ve been confronted mostly with a void.  In a way it creates a blank slate for me to be wholly mine.   In another way, I feel an ungroundedness, simply like something is missing. What’s strange though, is that my father is not missing.  He lives in San Antonio, Texas. He doesn’t want anything to do with me. I have no idea why.


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