Dream Big

Mondo Beyondo Dream Big

While reading the website Mondobeyondo.org, I started to think about where my capacity to dream has gone.  I feel selfish when confronted with dreaming BIG.  But, when I move from the small wants to the big, everyone-is-affected types of dreams, it gets easier.  For example:

I dream of lots of counter space, matching canisters for Flour, Sugar, etc.

Which eventually leads to….

I dream of people knowing we are all in this life together and honoring it with kindness and compassion.

And this last type of dream is the kind I want to focus on. Seems I need to grease the wheels of my dreaming machine, so focused on survival and sleep as I have been for months now.

Look Into My Eyes...

Image by damaradeaella via Flickr

Now, that being said, what is it, inside of me that feels a tidal wave of overwhelm when I go to put this in practice in my world?

My sphere of influence seems to have been greatly reduced since I’ve been in survival mode. I feel somehow inadequate when it comes to dreaming big, like my happiness and kindness cup does not overfloweth, so, I must be out of touch with my sphere? Is that true?.   Short ditty on sphere of influence:

Each day, you make an infinite array of decisions that cause energy shifts in the world around you. In many cases, these transitions are almost imperceptible, while in others the change that takes place is palpable not only to you but also to those in your sphere of influence. The myriad choices you make from moment to moment, however inconsequential they may seem, represent your personal power, which sanctions you to transform the energetic tide of your existence with nothing more than your will.

Is it possible to be out of touch with one’s sphere of influence?  If All is One, which I know to be true, then it was my capacity to SEE my sphere of influence that got smaller in the last few months. hummmmmm.

I want this blog to be a place I practice and think-aloud about how to expand my ability to love and gain wisdom.  That is a big dream.  I’m going to dream it now. ( I still want those canisters though!)


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