The 24-minute mile

yesterday, it was beautiful outside

I wanted to take Ben for a walk in the late afternoon sun

so, I:

  • picked him up off the kitchen floor
  • wiped off the drool puddle that he had created
  • carried him to his changing table, put his “big” pants on over his “house” pants
  • didn’t have his sweater nearby, so I put him on the floor while I went in search of it. During this time he pulled out 8-9 diaper wipes, and 5-6 books.  after I found the sweater, I put away the diaper wipes and left the books (choosing my battles)
  • Put his sweater over his shirt
  • put his socks on for the 13th time that day
  • put his shoes on
  • found his hat
  • carried him downstairs
  • went back upstairs where MY shoes were
  • put them on, decided to just put my wallet and keys in my pocket instead of carrying my purse, but had to FIND my keys first
  • carried us both downstairs again
  • unfolded the stroller in the garage while he played with a pile of my fabrics
  • went to get him and untangled him from said fabric
  • he was pissed that I had pried him loose from one of his favorite playthings so he struggled when I tried to get him into the stroller
  • Went inside to put on my coat, hat, and scarf
  • double checked that I had my keys and wallet
  • And THEN we were off….24 minutes later…..absolutely astounding
  • We walked for just over that amount of time, about a 1/2 hour. it was beautiful, quiet and still…. and worth every moment of chaos it took to get out of “the four” (the four walls of the house).

2 Comments on “The 24-minute mile”

  1. maggie ann says:

    I know these moments oh so well. I’m grateful for the moments of stillness after the chaos…
    I’m grateful you found those still moments.


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