Things I want to talk to my 11 year old son about:

I have an 11 year old son, who comes home from school and can’t stand the attitude of the girls there.
“Why is it all they care about is how they look, and being better than everyone else,” he says.

“why are all the girls better at spelling?”

“why do all the girls get called on instead of the boys?”

When told to open the door for me, his mother, he asks why, why are girls better than boys….

OY, what a can of worms it opens up!
How to I convey my disdain for “princess” t-shirts, even while wanting girls to feel special? AND explain chivalry, AND womens rights….etc….

As mothers, whether we have boys or girls to raise, we have a huge job preparing them, as best we can, for the skewed world we all live in.

what women have dealt with:

Advertising: Killing us softly

watch this video


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