“transformations in the heart and mind…”

First tidbit from my Mondo Beyondo Dream Lab excursion.  This quote came from a fellow “lab” partner.  I was dubious about doing this e-course, having never done one before.  As with all of life, it’s what you make it, and I am excited to make it the catalyst that I need.

“…transformations in the heart and mind (in Buddhism the two are not separate) are not a matter of progressing from point to point. They have to do with stopping, with daring to be still and attentive in the present moment. I began to understand how moments of being present can grow by dedicated practice into moments of presence—moments of realizing that who we are in reality is not an isolated individual on an isolated journey but a being who is an inextricable part of a greater whole. And I learned that the more we are able to open to the present moment, the less we are able to rule out, to judge as unspiritual or unbeautiful.”

via THE BEAUTIFUL MIND: A Conversation with Gina Sharpe – Parabola Magazine-Parabola Magazine.


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