“Do we have the courage to be the adults that our children need us to be?”

Brene Brown poses this question in response to the shooting in Tucson recently. Here on her blog

Due to Ben’s sleep issues, we have had the opportunity over the last few days to work with a Sleep-Coach-in-Training.  We are so lucky!!!

Through this process I have learned about the cortisol response in babies. If they don’t get enough sleep, they don’t sleep well, no matter what.  That cortisol floats around their bodies and they just don’t sleep because of it. I find it ironic and synchronistic that I am the one that needs to teach my child about how to lower or not increase his cortisol and anxiety levels.  God’s a trickster for sure!


Reflecting on my life, I see how my own patterns with cortisol, and all the other anxiety hormones have made me a perfect example of what NOT to do.  Many of my jobs have stressed me out to the point that I quit them, to get out of my anxiety cycle, rather than learn how to manage the stress.  I HAVE ACTUALLY QUIT JOBS, AND MOVED RATHER THAN LEARN HOW TO MANAGE MY STRESS!  And now, I have the opportunity to teach my son, and help him start learning how to manage his own stress and anxiety.  They say, we teach what we most need to learn.  I say, shit! I guess so….

Do I have the courage to be the adult my children need me to be? Yes.  I am committed to learning a better way. I  am committed to teaching my children a better way.  I’ll do the best I can.  This is a job I can’t quit.


3 Comments on ““Do we have the courage to be the adults that our children need us to be?””

  1. Ms. Smoochy says:

    It looks as though you are on the right path. Good luck!


  2. Stephanie says:

    And you know you are on the right path because you are asking in the first place…


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