Reflections on Winter Solstice 2010

The span of time around the  2010 Winter Solstice was very meaningful to me.

First, I participated in a ritual with five other women.  We loosely used earth-based, goddess focused ritual elements to lead us through casting a circle, setting our intention, naming what we wanted to let go of, and what we wanted to welcome into this year, with the return of the Light.

We wrote what we wanted to let go of on strips of paper, then burned them into a bowl.  We wrote what we wanted to bring into this year, and put them into lovingly created paper boxes that were handmade for the ritual.  This process allowed me to completely let go of my father.  Literally, at the end, when I thought of my father I was not triggered emotionally, and had a sense of wishing him well.  This was a huge step for me – one I have been leading up to for some time.

The other major event was a Geobiological Home Clearing by Tess McCabe.  Find out about Tess here!

I have felt an uneasiness in this home since I moved in four years ago.  I thought it might be all of the funky angles, so I worked on getting the feng shui working.  It only minimally helped. Through a series of coincidences, which of course are NEVER coincidences, but synchronicities, I met Tess at the above mentioned ritual.  We planned the Home Clearing to happen on the evening of the Winter Solstice, which was ALSO a Full Moon AND a Lunar Eclipse.

Big Magic!

Lunar Eclipse

The home clearing commenced with my family participating in a small ritual I put together, which consisted of lighting a candle in every room of the house and leaving it burning for the duration. Then, we saged each other, to clear any unwanted thoughts and energies from our aura.  Tess suggested visualizing our home filled with white, golden light – we did.  Then a short writing exercise talking about what we wanted to tell this home, what home means to us, and how we want to view this home from now on.  Tess was working her magic, in her ritual space, the whole time.  I have not had one negative thought concerning this home since then. Tess shared with me that she cleared a number of negative influences, including manipulated black magic, spirits, and underground water influences.

I am a believer in the unseen.  I acknowledge that there are forces that I may or may not be aware of, influencing my life for good and not-so-good.  This clearing really showed me how energy can effect a dwelling/building and I am motivated to learn more about this important service to humanity.  Here is a link to more info about the tools used in this process. Check it out with an open mind.


4 Comments on “Reflections on Winter Solstice 2010”

  1. Ms. Smoochy says:

    Any ritual that creates some peace for you and your family is lovely in my book. 😉


  2. mama mel says:

    coffee, frangelico and chocolate bread pudding date is in order. I want to hear more details about this, my soul sister.


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