No Sugar – One Month – Many struggles!

Monday was the last day of my family’s resolution to not eat sugar for the month of January.  Pizza night was not the same without root beer, and I have to say I missed the occasional mocha. Sylas, at 11 years old, did splendidly!  He didn’t miss it even a little! Rick says he’s going to keep going for another month – we’ll see about that!

I, on the other hand, struggled with emotional eating in a big way. I hadn’t realized how compulsive I had become with sugar.

Sugar sugar

Sugar sugar (Photo credit: dhammza)

My intellect knows all the dangers, like: sugar can suppress your immune system, sugar causes a loss of tissue elasticity and function (which is a huge issue for people with Fibromyalgia, like me!),  and, Sugar can contribute to eczema in children. (This is an interesting one, because Ben’s eczema was getting really bad around the end of December….within 5 days of Jan. 1st, his rash cleared up almost completely!)

But the heart, in it’s sometimes wounded ways, wants what it wants.  And I wanted to bring sweetness into my life by eating sugar.  I did, however, surprise myself with finding sweetness in other ways.  Primarily through being sweet to others – which pushed my vulnerability limits to the max!  I’ve often equated “being sweet” with pollyannaishness…(is that a word?).  And I’m no pollyanna.  But I have developed a taste for being sweeter to others, which is a good thing. As is the 7 pounds I lost during January, by doing nothing else but stopping the sugar addiction.

To read a great comprehensive article about sugar, go here.


2 Comments on “No Sugar – One Month – Many struggles!”

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, well done. I *think* about quitting the sugar but never get to it. I’m proud of you and the family for all doing it!!


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