Great-full and Opening Hear

I woke this morning and read a few of the blogs I follow.

I was shaken to the core by reading this post from Karen Maezen Miller’s Cheerio Road.

She talks about a woman who emailed her about her husband finding out he has leukemia. This woman, Rose, has two sons, as I do.  Her posts can be read here. Her real and eloquent words made MANY tears come from me this morning.  When I get whiny or otherwise sink in a negative mood,  I’ll read Rose’s posts.  I’ve been getting so many reminders lately about the fact that I need to stay in gratefulness.  I do not have a husband that is being treated for cancer.  I have healthy boys.  I am healthy. My daily worries are small compared to what so many others have to deal with. I have so many many things to focus my attention on that I am grateful for.

My mother once told me, after she had died during a drug overdose, that when she “woke up” she was amazed at how close death is to us all. She likened it to a veil, so thin that we can barely realize how thin it is. “Death is with us ALL, all the time,” she said. I feel it closer to me today.  I also have held my loved ones closer today having realized, again, the singular chance we get, each day to Love.


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