The Power to Drudge

“Real power is the ability to be resonant with
the Tao in such a way as to get in sync with
the power that already exists”

From: The Power Path


I know I’m supposed to Chop Wood and Carry Water

Do laundry, meticulously

be in the now

sweep my fucking dusty floors

pay attention

I just don’t feel like it makes for a real “powerful” day.

Feeding, cleaning, cleaning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, resting – where is the power in that?  Where can I let my soul sing through that?

I want bright colors, bold words, interesting thoughts, funny happenings

drudgery gets in the way

the way

the tao

my ego wants more excitement


I am isolated here in this house while others “work” – what am I doing, if not working?

I am working on keeping house


which is what this blog is ostensibly about

I am holding on

house holding



9 Comments on “The Power to Drudge”

  1. shannon says:

    exaaaactly! Where is the “reward” everyone talks about?


  2. Ms. Smoochy says:

    This WAS so powerful! It felt like a deep bubbling forth… and my precise sentiment right now. Amen. Amen. Amen, Sister.


    • You’re SO right, it DID bubble forth out of me….Amen and Hallelujah that the Drudge is always overcome by stillness and reflection and kind words, like you, sister-in-householding!!!


  3. Pam says:

    That is how I felt when I was a homemaker — everyone talked about how hard their “work” was when they sat at desks all day and talked on the phone and shuffled papers and TALKED TO OTHER ADULT HUMANS… and yet I was up earlier than they were and went to bed later, I worked on my feet all day cook, clean, tend children, clean, cook, clean, tend, shop, clean, cook, clean, tend, clean, prepare, sleep — the drudgery was mindless…

    Now that I can’t be home and I have to work outside the home the drugery has compounded (because I am both breadwinner and homemaker) and I just need sparks to keep my soul alive and fed…


  4. Good days bad days. Sometimes householding seems like the most beautiful thing to me and other days a mindless dribble of endless tasks. But such is life. Take the good with the bad. At least that’s the way I figure it.

    Like the Drudge – “fucking dusty floors” indeed.


    • Harriet, I’m honored to have you comment on my post! Did you know that I quoted you at the end of This Post (Thoughts on Shaping a Personal Food Policy #2)?
      Much admiration to you, and I LOVE the True Cost Economy section….want to delve more deeply there.


  5. Yep, read the whole post. Thanks. But don’t be so honored or if you are, know that it is mutual.


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