Are YOU a butch cookie maker? If so, join the homemade revolution!

UnknownFrom, Harriet Fasenfest, the woman who brought you The Householders Guide to the Universe here is an excerpt from her website:

“…I believe a great opportunity for transformation is upon us.  Creating new economies, home economies, economies based on reasoned and prudent systems of supply, demand, production, and consumption, will take a hands-on, homemade revolution. It will take a stepping-down from the mainstream marketing matrix. It will require a re-evaluation of wants and needs. In the end, it might well require a radical new legion of butch cookie makers to challenge the dominant economic paradigm.” (emphasis mine)

Or as another blogger Lee Roversi calls it, activism by lifestyle. How we go about our daily lives, I venture to say, is just as, or more important than letters to our senators, arbor day, or any other “special interest” activity. Why? Because our lifestyle is the bulk of our existence. It makes the biggest impact on how we use the Earth’s resources, and is the most visible message to others.

And this, which I LOVE is an excerpt from one of  Fasenfest’s Blogs:

  1. Householding is not a gender-specific act
  2. Householding seeks to revise small-scale systems of home economics
  3. Householding eschews fast food, fancy packaging, and marketing hype
  4. Householding requires a connection with natural systems
  5. Householding sees value in the domestic
  6. Householding eschews “economies of scale” as maligned systems
  7. Householding seeks a healthy environment, family, and community as a barometer of its success
  8. Householding refuses the commodification of everyday skills

Well, Harriet, I’m a butch cookie maker, and have always seemed to be challenging dominant paradigms….I’m ready to find others out there who can identify themselves as Householders, making their homes the place where Spirit shines through, embodying the fact that what is personal IS political, and naturally making a better world for all of us.

If you, the reader, have thoughts on how you see your home being the center of your universe, please share your comments.


2 Comments on “Are YOU a butch cookie maker? If so, join the homemade revolution!”

  1. Michelle says:

    I am lately excited about the fact that I am creating a HOME for another human being. I mean, it’s been all about me for 37 years, but now I get to create an environment in which to foster security, health, creativity, joy, warmth and wonderful memories for my daughter. Oh goody! This is going to be fun.


  2. Michelle says:

    OH! and I LOVE making cookies! And other baked goodies. And I like to make a nice frittata now and then. And soup. Um, and a berry smoothie here and there. Plus some other stuff.


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