Two centipedes and the relief of Autumn

“It is my heartfelt wish to cultivate gratitude in spaces where resentment used to reside” 

–  Beautiful…and such a “householder-y” thing to write. Thank you to Mani!

Maybe, just maybe, finding two, large, centipedes in my home is telling me my root chakra (The base of the spine, the connection to the planet, where I feel my basic instincts),  is needing to relax. I have resented bugs for a long time, but moving to this place in the country has provided me the opportunity, especially through the experience of the two centipedes, to find gratitude for them. An opportunity to welcome and bless all sentient beings. (Saving the argument about whether or not centipedes are sentient for another time!)

goats head weed – evil?

I’ve also had to find a space in my heart for the weeds.  So. Very. Many. Weeds!  I started out 7 weeks ago pulling them up at every opportunity – busting my back in the process. Now I try to wax philosophical when I yank them up, appreciating their tenacity and thriving nature.

I’m grateful for the change of seasons, today being the first day of Autumn.  Grateful for the cooler nights that let me sleep more peacefully. I so look forward to the longer nights and the chance to go within more often.  The kinetic energy of summer finally taking a back seat to some contemplation.  That is my intention anyway.  We’ll see how that works out.

Oh, yeah, and twelve years ago today, I birthed my first child.  He is still as wonderful as that first day.

I wanted to make a point of posting on this auspicious day, a turn of the wheel, heralding what I hope is more creative expression.

Thanks for reading – I know it’s been a long time, but I’m gettin’ back in the saddle again. I hope to catch you up on more details very soon.




7 Comments on “Two centipedes and the relief of Autumn”

  1. each1pull1 says:

    Happy birth-day to you and Silas. And I like the weeds bit, country girl!


  2. Michelle says:

    Yay for autumn and happy birthday Sylas!!

    I can’t say I’d get around to not hating the centipedes, but I congratulate you on such growth. You find ways of learning from so many things.


  3. Nancy says:

    The centipedes might have been the larva stage of the Dopson Fly. Check Wickopedia….


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