Mamma’s gotta’ get her mojo back – 1

what is mojo?

where can I find some?

would I know it if I saw it?

Or, might it be best to find mojo by smelling for it.

feeling around a little might not be so bad either

I am terrified of mojo

it’s chaotic – yet, there is…an order, of sorts. or…

a familiarity a remembering a smoking trail

of exhuberance

and deep groundedness

and tears that welled up from a place supremely primal

and so I keep looking

hiding from myself

seeking myself

my suffering is born of my  desire to find

I keep forgetting I’m already found…

but where is my mojo

my muse?

did I


offend thee?


The following painting made me weep upon seeing it, in person at the Met, in NY about 10 years ago.  Only a couple of things since then, artistically, have stirred such emotion.


One Comment on “Mamma’s gotta’ get her mojo back – 1”

  1. […] Little did I know that during my walk outside,  my husband was priming the walls of our kitchen.  We have wanted to change them since we moved into our new house, as you’ll see that the color was pretty dark and cave-like.  Here are some before and after shots…and a couple of inspirations at the end.  Color is an integral part of getting my Mojo back. […]


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