Color…it’s not just for artists anymore…

….Not that it ever was, just for artists….

On Saturday, during my Wu Chi Ku practice with George Breed , we practiced letting a color call out to us from the many cosmic and beautiful paintings by Frederica Hall which adorn the walls of the space we meet.

We then took a 15 minute walk outside to see what we could see – and see if our color called to us still, or if another was “louder”. My color ended up calling to me for about a week.  That exercise was great for me to connect with my more elemental nature. I see and absorb so many colors everyday and this gave me a better appreciation of their full impact.

Little did I know that during my walk outside,  my husband was priming the walls of our kitchen.  We have wanted to change them since we moved into our new house, as you’ll see that the color was pretty dark and cave-like.  Here are some before and after shots…and a couple of inspirations at the end.  Color is an integral part of getting my Mojo back.



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