Self discipline 101

Recently I said my new motto was “Shut the Fuck Up and Keep Going”.  That was in response to the difficulty I was having keeping to some new, healthy, good for me, commitments. It would seem that it is a little harsh.  Maybe, but I’m telling the voices of contrariness and fear to go take a flying leap, and my Inner Being to keep going.

Two nights ago I had to get out of the bathtub to go write this down:

Self Discipline is:

  • Being able to tell myself ‘no” without being cruel, or unreasonable.
  • Setting boundaries that encompass good things for me, and keep unsavory forces at bay.
  • Being able to say ‘yes’ to things I want, even if the way there may sometimes be a struggle.
  • Requires a depth of self-understanding, and flexibility because of that understanding, to fine tune my way forward.
  • requires psychic earplugs, as in:  ” I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love, and abundance. “Then, whenever doubt, anxiety, or fear try to call me, they will keep getting a busy signal and soon they’ll forget my number.”  – Edith Armstrong

  • a sense of self love and regard is a precursor to self discipline

This last one was really my stumbling block.  Until I come to regard myself as at LEAST as important as the other people in my life I take care of, I have no chance of acquiring self-discipline.  It was out of desperation and agony that I came to look at myself in a loving way.  I had to get some objectivity and that came as I embraced the titles that I embody each day.  When I am a Wife, a Mother, or Friend, of someone I care about, I found it was easier to look at myself objectively.  I came to know that if I can take care of my husband’s wife, my son’s mother, etc….that I could more easily love her (me).  After that phase, my small successes such as starting to change my eating and movement habits, really propelled me toward more.

Previously as I pondered what self discipline is to me, I would instantly conjure up the image of a drill sergeant yelling and screaming at me.  Now, my drill sergeant is acquiring a great sense of humor and even more compassion, as well as needing to embody a coyote in his wily says, to keep up with my ability to manipulate and cajole.

I have come far enough toward my first small goals to realize that the benefits of breaking old bad habits far outweigh anything I could get from them now.


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