just a thought

If I were to tell you – I mean, really get into the dirty details –  how mundane my life is

you would laugh

out loud

You might not believe me except for the feeling

of recognition of how mundane your life is too.

How can I possibly wash another dish?

change another diaper?

because I know that this too shall change.

curve balls come flying from the oddest corners

when we’re not looking

and especially when we’re up to the elbows in cleaning toilets

And yet knowing the curve balls are coming

doesn’t do anything to quell the fire of boredom I have about the mundane nature of my daily life

and when I think of dodging those balls, or being hit squarely in the face with one, I know that I will 


for the mundane

quiet – tortuously quiet

days, like today.



3 Comments on “just a thought”

  1. Nancy says:

    Spring Summer Winter Fall, Birth, Adolesence, Adulthood, Old Age. My 82 1/2 old mother-in-law is like a child now. Don’t we look forward to the seasons, Thrill at the newly sprouted seeds and the fireflies, and the fall colors and the bare trees in winter. I hope so. No such word as Boredom with me. Constantly entertaining myself, and then death came to the one so close, so full in my heart. Now it is quiet but the work is listening and filling thath quiet with the mundane. Love and Light to the universe and the peace within us and the peace among us.


    • yes. YES! cycles and seasons, and…I was feeling really bored by it all, so I thought I would write it down. Don’t worry, there will be other posts about how excited I am about life, too. Thanks for commenting Nancy.


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