Who Is Hestia to a Householder?


“Just as her character was not made visible in many tales, her physical image was not cast in stone, although it appears on some Greek pottery. Consistent with her core values, she became known instead by a certain essential nature, a feeling or a state of being rather than an entity with its own drama. And that essential nature appears to be this: an internal reflection toward wholeness and away from illusion, the clarity and sense of holism that emerges from turning inward through meditation and quiet. It is no wonder then that Hestia has been described as the Goddess of the Deep Center.”  – From The Hestia Retreat

Hestia can serve as a focussing point to bring more Universal Flow into our homes. If we honor the fire of life, as is her realm, we honor that we are dying and being reborn from the flames every day.  We are warmed by the fire.  We can see by it’s light.  We can provide sustenance with fire, both internal and external.

My favorite tidbit about Hestia is that she chose to not become a God, as her brothers and sisters did.  She chose to become the hearth-keeper of Home.  To relinquish her small ego self, to better embody her God Self. Hers was a life of devotion.  She didn’t care about the worldly goings on.

She wanted to provide a grounded place, a Deep Center.
We do the same as Householders.


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