This Homemaker’s Fried Day Prayer – Opening Hear post #6


Opening Hear

Inspirations that come from anywhere that cause us to listen with our hearts,
unlocking them in the process.


Today is Fried Day. The end of the work week for so many. The beginning for some. Either way, I am thinking of all of those who have a J O B, I mean, the paying kind, with taxes taken out, etc. etc. I remember what this was like. Counting the moments until I was released into the wider world, free from The Boss and The Coworkers – however much I may have loved them, at times.

Now, as a Homemaker, I am tied to my Boss at all times. I am yoked to my co-workers eternally. I no longer get weekends off. And, I’m learning to love it. The perpetual vigilance required of a Householder is the same as in any consciousness disciple. As above so below – As in the home, so it is in the wider world. I am grateful today to be intimately connected to my family, the world, the universe, and all connections therein. Amen.


4 Comments on “This Homemaker’s Fried Day Prayer – Opening Hear post #6”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m so glad you’re finding such good things in your householding. I know how much harder it is to be a full-time householder and you are a stronger woman than I am. I escape into my work three days a week and it seriously keeps me sane.

    Happy Fried Day!



  2. letstalkaboutlit says:

    Sister, you are singing my song. It is a beautiful vocation we, as homemaker mothers have, but it’s not always a frolic in the woods! 🙂 thanks for finding my blog. I look forward to following you!


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