“63 ways happy people stay happy”

“5 ways to become more mindful”

“83 things to think about other than Breaking Bad”

“3 mantras to help with anxiety” (For only a $1 more you get a free mudra)

“365 days of the “right” food”

“7, 9, or 12 steps to Financial Freedom”

“These 12 Exercises are the only ones you need!”

and on and on and on….

What is one thing that makes all these other “how-to’s” obsolete?


Just that.

What am I paying attention to today?

4 Comments on “Attention!”

  1. I’m paying attention to the fact that my long gaps in posts are causing less and less readership. So, maybe I’ll take a long long break and come back when I have something interesting to say.


  2. Stasia says:

    Attention to…
    being happy; being more mindful; things other than Breaking Bad; one mantra to help with anxiety; how the food feels as energy; how my buying decisions play a part in my Financial Freedom; an exercise to feel _…
    …in the moment
    Multi-tasking is a rather unhealthy practice that I used to endorse. I apologize everyone affected.


  3. Kat says:

    I kept trying to click on the sentences to find out how people stay happy and what I should eat


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