not enough

You lucky, lucky girl.
You have an apartment just your size.
A bathtub full of tea.
A heart the size of Arizona, but not nearly so arid.
~  Frida Kahlo

Sometime the slosh of my messy compassion falls over the rim of my cup and cauldron

as tears, it burns my skin like a 40mph wind blowing in the parking lot, in 20 degree temperatures

hands wet, ice forms, did my excess become his only meal that day?

tears because I can’t give more


then later

12 miles, nothing to me, but 12  miles a recent jailbird didn’t have to walk.

He has a 7 month old he saw for the first time at a court appearance. She’s sitting up now.   Strong legged he says.

I sure wish you well.  There is a lot of  crazies out there for sure, not just there – where you’re from – but everywhere.

I said, “When we don’t have our basic needs met anymore, like food, water, house, respect and love….that’s when it all goes downhill”.

I double around from Leupp road

Wonder at the simplicity of providing just a tiny molecule of the basics.


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