Meat Parade

The Sacred Dance
has no preordained steps toward abstraction
yet we imagine it does
The Sacred Dance includes unadulterated water, food, soil, and emotion, not emoticons

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This meat parade our souls participate in daily

pales in comparison to your first sweet,wet kiss

pales in comparison to the thrill of watching a hawk soar and swoop through the air


This meat ballet
of digital
and fast
and now
and fuck tomorrow

doesn’t quench our soul’s thirst

nor our mouth

nor our belly

nor our heart

From the early days of our abstraction we thought we could
one-up reality, but

A puka shell isn’t a tuna

and $300,000 isn’t a home

So we push our meat to the next social networking watering hole
hoping to find nourishment

But, what is real and true inside ourselves?

Why is it so difficult to identify real and true in the line-up of our meat parade?

Why have we sunk so far down this empty well?

Where do we grab a foothold and heft ourselves back into the Land of the Living?

Why are we afraid to reside in the Land of the Living?

What has such a fierce hold on our collective Joy?

The meat parade can be beautiful but the Sacred Dance always is –

Even when it’s terrifying.

Better to be real and broken

than abstractly whole.

{When searching for an image to accompany this post I came across a group of I haven’t heard of in some time.  The Cacophony Society of San Francisco apparently had a meat parade – who knew?  You can read about it here. }

I also found this.

6 Comments on “Meat Parade”

  1. This is stunning. We have to find a wider audience for it.


  2. oldsongster says:

    AMEN AND AMEN. Be sure and put all those perfect attendance awards and pay stubs in a folder to comfort yourself when lying on your deathbed and listening to the oxygen machine meter out your last hurrah.


  3. Stephanoe says:

    Oh Naima! The Meat Parade! How ghastly and gristly (and wonderful)! Thank you for this piece… Ever onward, in the pursuit of happiness, of our soul’s content, of our collective enlightenment!


  4. missndc says:

    Hi Naima,
    Wow, I miraculously came upon your blog and loved what I read and need your help as well. I’ve not ever blogged before and would love to follow you and ask for you to follow me as well and perhaps we’ll link as one(:


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