Last night I was reminded that I have a crush on the human race!

I was lucky enough to hear Bernie Sanders live, last night. Introduced by Our Very Own, long-time Bernie supporter, Chair of the Coconino County Board of Supervisors, Art Babbott,  I was struck by how last night’s rally for Bernie was exactly the opposite of what I see happen at a Trump rally. Sure, seeing Bernie was great, but the REAL pay off for me was seeing the PEOPLE who support him,(unlike the dipshits that attend Trump rallies) knowing that we are not alone in our desire for a more equitable future. Bernie supporters are generally community minded folks, folks that understand we must lift EVERYONE up. As I was standing there looking at the hundreds that showed up, I realized I really came to see the People. Bernie is a hero, and I hope that as such, he inspires The People to continue being deeply involved in their future. One man can’t do all of the wonderful things he would like to do. That takes a whole country of committed folks. Lets do this.


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