Rise up or Die: Some questions

We stand helpless before the corporate onslaught. There is no way to vote against corporate power. Citizens have no way to bring about the prosecution of Wall Street bankers and financiers for fraud, military and intelligence officials for torture and war crimes, or security and surveillance officers for human rights abuses.

VIA: Chris Hedges: Rise up or Die – Truthdig.com

Having read Chris Hedges book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt”, where he and Joe Sacco go to some of the most impoverished parts of the US and report back that yes, what is happening in this country is the same destruction and sickness that we attribute to third world countries, I was happy to see that he is still speaking up and out about our current state of affairs.

What will be the issue(s) that cause you to rise up or die?

Will you wait until your home mortgage is upside down and you have nowhere to go? Or, will you wait to confirm that the cancer you have is definitely caused by GMOs or pesticides, or your shampoo?  Will you wait until, like in Greece, the government that is no longer FOR the people nor BY the people, plan to literally take your money from your accounts?

I ask myself these same questions. I have risen up on occasion, but I think that what we all know is coming is a mass rising. That said, I do not feel that the rising has to be an “against” rising.  I would love for it to be a “for” rising.

What would you rise for? Are you and I wiling to stand and rise for a sustained period of time or just on the weekends to carry signs in front of passing traffic?  What will finally cause us to coalesce into the powerful billions that we are?

What connection does rising up have to householding?  It has complete connection.  Our planet is our home.  We all collectively hold this earth, as it holds us, and have the power to destroy our ability to live on it or to increase, peacefully, our ability to live on it.

As with householding and homemaking, we have choices. Thank the Gods we still have choices!  We CAN disengage from the current paradigm in many meaningful ways. These are not easy ways in this world, though.  Who wants to disconnect from all the electrical input, for starters? No one.  So, how to continue to be connected but not through a controlled system? How can we have control of our own food if we get 98% of it from a manufacturer? How can we even think of doing these things when we don’t have enough money to make any ends meet? I do believe the answers to these questions are individual and collective. We do what we can and then find like-minded, supportive others to learn, grow and celebrate with.

The great news is that people in your community or location have been doing this type of disengagement for a long time.  Go find those people and talk to them.  Use what you can from what they know and rise up to the occasion of living your life for yourself and the good of your community, not for the profit of a few.

The Fifth Sacred Thing film in development, narrated by Olympia Dukakis.

Are YOU a butch cookie maker? If so, join the homemade revolution!

UnknownFrom, Harriet Fasenfest, the woman who brought you The Householders Guide to the Universe here is an excerpt from her website:

“…I believe a great opportunity for transformation is upon us.  Creating new economies, home economies, economies based on reasoned and prudent systems of supply, demand, production, and consumption, will take a hands-on, homemade revolution. It will take a stepping-down from the mainstream marketing matrix. It will require a re-evaluation of wants and needs. In the end, it might well require a radical new legion of butch cookie makers to challenge the dominant economic paradigm.” (emphasis mine)

Or as another blogger Lee Roversi calls it, activism by lifestyle. How we go about our daily lives, I venture to say, is just as, or more important than letters to our senators, arbor day, or any other “special interest” activity. Why? Because our lifestyle is the bulk of our existence. It makes the biggest impact on how we use the Earth’s resources, and is the most visible message to others.

And this, which I LOVE is an excerpt from one of  Fasenfest’s Blogs:

  1. Householding is not a gender-specific act
  2. Householding seeks to revise small-scale systems of home economics
  3. Householding eschews fast food, fancy packaging, and marketing hype
  4. Householding requires a connection with natural systems
  5. Householding sees value in the domestic
  6. Householding eschews “economies of scale” as maligned systems
  7. Householding seeks a healthy environment, family, and community as a barometer of its success
  8. Householding refuses the commodification of everyday skills

Well, Harriet, I’m a butch cookie maker, and have always seemed to be challenging dominant paradigms….I’m ready to find others out there who can identify themselves as Householders, making their homes the place where Spirit shines through, embodying the fact that what is personal IS political, and naturally making a better world for all of us.

If you, the reader, have thoughts on how you see your home being the center of your universe, please share your comments.

Open Hear post #3

Opening Hear#3

Inspirations that come from anywhere that cause us to listen with our hearts… unlocking them in the process.

Yes! Magazine’s  Winter 2011 edition has wonderful articles based around “What Happy Families Know“.  I encourage anyone who hasn’t read Yes! Magazine in a while, or ever, to pick up a copy – or a subscription – or go to the library on a quarterly basis, to soak up it’s positivity and wisdom.  I have never been disappointed with the content.  As a matter of fact you’ll probably hear me talk about it quite a bit as time goes on.

My favorite story, “You Are Who You Eat With” by Katherine Gustafson has this quote: “When food advocate and chef Tom French asked a student how she felt after his organization, the Experience Food Project, began replacing the bland, processed food in her school cafeteria with fresh, healthy school lunches, he received an unexpected answer. “She gave it some serious thought,” he told me over the phone. “Then she said, ‘you know, I feel respected.’”

Family dinner photo by Patrick Barber
Food, and what we do to it – growing it, transporting it,
cooking, and serving it can make us feel respected, or not.

No Sugar – One Month – Many struggles!

Monday was the last day of my family’s resolution to not eat sugar for the month of January.  Pizza night was not the same without root beer, and I have to say I missed the occasional mocha. Sylas, at 11 years old, did splendidly!  He didn’t miss it even a little! Rick says he’s going to keep going for another month – we’ll see about that!

I, on the other hand, struggled with emotional eating in a big way. I hadn’t realized how compulsive I had become with sugar.

Sugar sugar

Sugar sugar (Photo credit: dhammza)

My intellect knows all the dangers, like: sugar can suppress your immune system, sugar causes a loss of tissue elasticity and function (which is a huge issue for people with Fibromyalgia, like me!),  and, Sugar can contribute to eczema in children. (This is an interesting one, because Ben’s eczema was getting really bad around the end of December….within 5 days of Jan. 1st, his rash cleared up almost completely!)

But the heart, in it’s sometimes wounded ways, wants what it wants.  And I wanted to bring sweetness into my life by eating sugar.  I did, however, surprise myself with finding sweetness in other ways.  Primarily through being sweet to others – which pushed my vulnerability limits to the max!  I’ve often equated “being sweet” with pollyannaishness…(is that a word?).  And I’m no pollyanna.  But I have developed a taste for being sweeter to others, which is a good thing. As is the 7 pounds I lost during January, by doing nothing else but stopping the sugar addiction.

To read a great comprehensive article about sugar, go here.